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Sunday, December 16  Rev. Gabe Wanck  “The Gift of Spirit-Filled Living Bulletin   Sermon

Sunday, December 9 Cantata Sunday Bulletin   Sermon

Sunday, December 2 Children’s Musical “Carol and the Belles  Sermon

Sunday, December 2  Rev. Gary L. Feldman “The Gift of the No-Limit Living BulletinSermon

Sunday, November 25  Rev. Gary L. Feldman “Rise Up? BulletinSermon

Sunday, November 18  Rev. Gabe Wanck “Trust Up? BulletinSermon

Sunday, November 11  Rev. Alan Newhall “Why Do We Have to Read Leviticus? BulletinSermon

Sunday, November 4  Rev. Gary L. Feldman “Wise Up BulletinSermon

Sunday, October 28  Rev. Gary L. Feldman “Blisters for Jesus BulletinSermon

Sunday, October 21  Rev. Gary L. Feldman “What’s In Your Wallet BulletinSermon

Sunday,October 14: Youth Leader Eric Gordon ““Witnessing as Stewardship-Why Should I? BulletinSermon

Rev. Dr. Chris Ritter “The Future of Our Denomination of The Methodist Church” Sermon

Sunday, October 7  Rev. Gabe Wanck ““I Will Enter His Gates BulletinSermon

Sunday, September 30  Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““Extra, Extra Read All About It BulletinSermon

Sunday, September 23  Rev. Gabe Wanck ““Praying Like Jesus BulletinSermon

Sunday, September 16  Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““Devoted and Generous BulletinSermon

Sunday, September 9  Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““S’MORE JESUS Bulletin.

Sunday, September 2  Rev. Gabe Wanck  ““Committed BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 26  Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““I Will Dwell BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 19  Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““Hope and Expectation BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 12  Rev. Gabe Wanck  ““Abundance BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 5  Rev. Gary L. Feldman  ““Confident BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 29  Rev. Gary L. Feldman  ““Purpose BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 22  Rev. Gabe Wanck  ““Peace BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 15 Guest Speaker Connie Wieck “Working Together to Share Christ’s Love:Your United Methodist Missionary in China BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 8 Rev. Gary L. Feldman “We All, Like Sheep’…Life Lessons from Psalm 23… Contentment BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 1 Rev.Gabe Wanck  ““Being a Sheep BulletinSermon

Sunday, June 24  BulletinSermon

Sunday, June 17 Rev.Gabe Wanck  ““Love Works: Part 2 BulletinSermon

Sunday, June 10 Rev.Gabe Wanck  ““Love Works: Part 1 BulletinSermon

Sunday, June 3 Rev. Dr. James Labala  ““Our Plan or God’s Plan? BulletinSermon

Sunday, May 27 Rev. Gary L. Feldman ““Commissioned to Serve! BulletinSermon

Sunday, May 20 Rev. Alan Newhall ““Compassion and Discipline BulletinSermon

Sunday, May 13 Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Invitation to Come! BulletinSermon

Sunday, May 6 Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Words and Works of Jesus BulletinSermon

Sunday, April 29 Rev. Gary Feldman ““Ministry Instructions BulletinSermon

Sunday, April 22 Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Kingdom and Prayer BulletinSermon

Sunday, April 15 Rev. Gary Feldman ““What is the Kingdon? Weeds, Seeds, Soils, Pearls, and Nets BulletinSermon

Sunday, April 8 Rev. Gary Feldman ““Commissioned to Go! BulletinSermon

Sunday, April 1 Rev. Gary Feldman ““I Have Seen the Lord! BulletinSermon

Sunday, March 25: Rev. Gary Feldman ““All Stirred Up BulletinSermon

Sunday, March 18: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Praying Like Jesus BulletinSermon

Sunday, March 11: Rev. Gabe Wanck ““The Priorities of Prayer BulletinSermon

Sunday, March 4: Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Basics of Prayer BulletinSermon

Sunday, February 25: Youth Minister Eric Gordon ““A Lifestyle of Prayer BulletinSermon

Sunday, February 18: Rev. Gary Feldman “Lord, Teach Us to Pray BulletinSermon

Sunday, February 11: Rev. Gary Feldman ““It’s All About Jesus BulletinSermon

Sunday, February 4: Rev. Gary Feldman ““We Exist to Serve BulletinSermon

Sunday, January 28: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Worth-Ship! BulletinSermon

Sunday, January 21: Rev. Gary Feldman ““How Do I Love Thee? BulletinSermon

Sunday, January 14: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Love…Worship…Serve BulletinSermon

Sunday, January 7: Rev. Gabe Wanck ““Access Granted BulletinSermon

Sunday,December 31: Rev. Gabe Wanck ““Children of God BulletinSermon

Sunday,December 24: Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Wise Men’s Story BulletinSermon

Sunday,December 17: Rev. Gary Feldman ““The Sheperd’s Story BulletinSermon

Sunday,December 10: Rev. Gary Feldman “Simeon’s Story BulletinSermon

Sunday,December 10:Building Project All Church ConferenceSermon

Sunday,December 3: Children’s Christmas Program “Miracle on Bethlehem Street” Sermon

Sunday,December 3: Rev. Gary Feldman “Mary’s Story” BulletinSermon

Sunday,Novemeber 26: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus Conversion-Convincing Them of Jesus:” BulletinSermon

Sunday,Novemeber 19: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus Conversion-Did You Receive the Holy Spirit?:” BulletinSermon

Sunday,Novemeber 12: Rev. Alan Newhall “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus Conversion:The Jailers Story” BulletinSermon

Sunday,Novemeber 5: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus Conversion:Lydia’s Story” BulletinSermon

Sunday,October 29: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus Grace-Staying on Track! BulletinSermon

Sunday,October 22: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…What if the Church Prayed?! BulletinSermon

Sunday,October 15: Rev. Gary Feldman “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus A New Name! BulletinSermon

Sunday, October 8: Eric Gordon ““Sharing A Stunning God” BulletinSermon

Sunday, October 1: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus A Change of Epic Proportions” Bulletin. Sermon

Sunday, September 24: Rev. Bob Sabo ““Back to the Future” BulletinSermon

Sunday, September 17: Rev. Gary Feldman “Make Me an Instrument” BulletinSermon

Sunday,September 10: Rev. Gabe Wanck “Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus And the Place was Shaken! ” Bulletin.Sermon

Sunday, September 3: Rev. Gary Feldman “Church Life-part 2” BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 27: Rev. Gary Feldman “Church Life-part 1  “” BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 20: Rev. Gary Feldman”The Church is Born” BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 13: Rev. Gary Feldman “Last Words” BulletinSermon

Sunday, August 6: Rev. Gary Feldman “What Are You Waiting For?” BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 30: Rev. Gary Feldman “I Can _____ All Things Through Christ BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 23: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Knowing Christ” BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 16: Rev. Gabe Wanck ““Having the Mind of Chris” BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 9: Rev. Gary Feldman ““To Live as Christ” BulletinSermon

Sunday, July 2: Rev. Gary Feldman ““Servants and Saints” BulletinSermon

Sunday, June 25: Rev. Alan Newhall “What Jesus’ Followers Must Do” BulletinSermon


Sunday, June 11: Rev. Gary Motta “Last Days” Bulletin.
















Sunday, March 19:UMW “Human Trafficing” Bulletin




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