Current Sermon Series



Messiah and King

Matthew’s story of Jesus reveals a Messiah who enters into history, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven into the world and into our lives!

Story by story we will examine the life of Jesus and discover what this first century Rabbi has for our lives today. Jesus is our Messiah, our King, our Christ, our Lord, our Savior, our Emmanuel! His message will transform our lives and recreate His life in us! Please join us in this journey through the Gospel of Matthew!

February 26 Ash Wednesday   1. Power for Living!          Matthew 3:13-4:17

March 1      Lent 1     2. Get Serious with Jesus!               Matthew 8:18-34

March 8      Lent 2 3. Hungry?                                            Matthew 14:13-21

March 15    Lent 3    4. Did You Wash Your Hands?           Matthew 15:1-20

March 22    Lent 4    5. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!      Matthew 16:13-28

March 29    Lent 5    6. More Faith, More Power!                  Matthew 17:1-21

April 5      Palm Sunday  7. The King Is Coming/All Stirred Up!    Matthew 21:1-17

April 9     Maundy Thursday   8. A New Covenant           Matthew 26:17-30

April 10   Good Friday Seven Last Words of Jesus               – Bethel UMC, Peoria

April 12    Easter               9. Show and Tell                               Matthew 28:1-10-26