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House Arrest
Life Lessons for Pandemic Times

Who would have ever thought we would be living in times such as these! Coronavirus, ‘Stay at Home’ or ‘Stay in Place’ orders, pandemic, essential and non-essential classifications, social distancing, epidemiology, gathering limitations, flatten the curve, COVID-19, travel restrictions, hand washing, protective masks and more have all become part of our daily life, our language, our new world!
Most of us are discovering new perspectives of home life…not just living but working out of our homes. Now sharing space creates new dynamics, as well as time management, values of priority and financial decisions. Worry and concern can be overwhelming and new fears creep in and occupy our thoughts. This is unchartered territory for many of us.
But in the midst of this ‘new world’, our dependence and trust in the LORD needs to be foundational for daily life. God’s Word and prayer become our lifelines as we navigate life. We have much to discover in God’s Word and the Apostle Paul gives us sound teaching on how we can live life in the midst of this pandemic. Paul spent about 2 years in house arrest In Rome. During that time, he wrote four letters, three to churches and one to an individual, that are fundamental to our faith. We will explore the book of Philippians and discover life lessons that will encourage and challenge us to live life with Jesus first and foremost in our lives during these pandemic times.
These will also be my last messages before I retire. Ironically, my first messages as your pastor were from the book of Philippians. And now at the conclusion of my ministry, and in light of our current coronavirus pandemic, I believe this gem of a book speaks directly and meaningfully to our situation. It has been a tremendous joy to be your pastor the past 3 years. I will always treasure my time with you!
Stay Safe and Stay Close to Jesus!
Pastor Gary

June 14 5. God Supplies Philippians 4:14-23