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What do you know about Nehemiah other than he was the shortest man in the Bible…”knee-high-miah”? As you well know, he’s not short but he is one of the great characters of the Old Testament and someone from whom we can learn much about building, restoration and revival.

Nehemiah was the one called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We will    discover the trials and travail of that process. But more importantly, we will learn how to rebuild the spiritual walls in our lives. The great city of         Jerusalem is a symbol of the city of God, God’s dwelling place and the center of life for the world. For us, then, the rebuilding of the walls is a picture of restoring and reviving the Lord at the center of our lives! This gem of a book helps us discover what steps we need to take to recover from any ruin or damage spiritually in our lives.

And so, using the wall as a catalyst, God called Nehemiah to Rebuild,       Restore, and Revive the people of Israel. The Lord is calling us to Rebuild, to be Restored and to be Revived so we can be His faithful people today!

September 8 1. A New Beginning Nehemiah 1

September 15 2. The Plan Nehemiah 2-3

September 22 3. Trouble, Right Here in River City  Nehemiah 4-5

September 29 4. Conspiracies and Surprise Nehemiah 6-7