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Committed to Christ…Six Steps to a Generous Life

 September 16 – October 28

 Being a Disciple for Jesus is a lifelong process! Each day will bring  challenges as we live for Jesus. Our desire is that we, as followers of Jesus, will step up to the call to, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’ by taking ‘one step up’ in our devotion to the things of God! Our lives are enriched through disciplines that form us spiritually. Commitments to pray daily, read the Word daily, worship regularly, share your faith, give financially, and serve the Lord by serving others, will deepen our relationship with   Jesus and others!

Join us for this exciting adventure, ‘Committed to Christ…Living Generously with Jesus.’

Sunday, October 7                        Week 3: Worship – Faithfully Attending to Worship

Sunday, October 14                     Week 4: Witness – Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Sunday, October 21                     Week 5: Financial Giving – Growing One’s Faith through Giving

Sunday, October 28                      Week 6: Service – Serving the Lord by Serving Others

                                                       Ministry Celebration Sunday—One Worship Service at 10:00 a.m.

                                                       Ministry Celebration Sunday Luncheon—11:30 a.m.


Be Committed to Christ and Live the Generous Life He Provides






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