Current Sermon Series

Acts 29…Witnesses for Jesus

A Spiritual Adventure in Acts

The Acts of the Apostles tells the exciting story of the witness of the followers of Jesus! The early church was Spirit-filled, Spirit-powered, and Spirit-led. With Peter and Paul as the primary witnesses, we see the church proclaim the good news and grow despite difficulty, trial and persecution.

This sermon series will explore key passages from the Book of Acts that will help us be witnesses for Jesus and to live more faithfully for Him!


Date                            Title                                             Scripture          Text

October 1     8. A Change of Epic Proportions          Acts 10:1‐23       Acts 10:28

October 8     9. But God…                                             Acts 10:34‐48    Acts 10:40

October 15   10. A New Name!                                    Acts 11:19‐30     Acts 11:26

October 22  11. What If the Church Prayed?            Acts 12:1‐19       Acts 12:12

October 29  12. Grace – Staying on Track                Acts 15:1‐11        Acts 15:11

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