Current Sermon Series

2017 ~ Joyful New Year!

We begin 2017 with a two-month sermon series from the letter the Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi, the first church God planted on the continent of Europe!  In the past, I’ve always emphasized the incredible “joy” we see in every corner of this “prison” epistle.  But, lately, I’ve noticed another theme: “Work!”  This includes both God’s work and ours.  How do our human efforts dovetail with God divine efforts to produce the fruit of joy?  Let’s “work” our way through Philippians and find out!



With February, we enter the second month of our two-month series from Philippians, the letter Paul wrote to the first church God planted on the continent of Europe!  In this joy-packed letter, we will continue to learn about the connection that exists between “joy” and “work,” both God’s both God’s work and ours.  Join us as we complete our pre-Lenten trek through Philippians.


“Righteousness Work” (Philippians 3:1-11) Just where does righteousness originate?  Our efforts?  Or God’s grace work? Come find out!

Feb. 12 “Ownership Work”  (Philippians 3:12—4:1)  If righteousness is a gift of God, how do we divide up the work load?  What does God do?  What do we do?  What does it mean to be a citizen of heaven?

Feb. 19 “Peace Work” (Philippians 4:2-9)  Can’t we all just get along?  Who’s job is it to bring peace to our hearts and peace into our relationships?

Feb. 26 “Providing Work”  (Philippians 4:10-23) Can we count on God’s promise to provide for us?  What did Paul mean when he said, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”?  Is it a blanket promise?

May God bless us as we do His “work” in 2017!

2017 ~ Matthew’s Account of Jesus

With March, we begin a short trip through the Gospel of Matthew that will take us through June.  Let’s get close and intimate with Jesus, as his disciple Matthew describes him for us.  In fact, why don’t we covenant to read the first Gospel over the next four months!

March 1 ASH WEDNESDAY! Tough Talk from John the Baptist (Matthew 3)  Let’s begin Lent together with communion and the imposition of ashes!

March 5 “The Ministry Begins” (Matthew 4) Let’s walk with Jesus into the wilderness where Jesus prepared for ministry through fasting and stood toe to toe with the enemy.

March 12 “The Impossible Sermon”  (Matthew 5-7)  Let’s listen as we hear Jesus preach the impossible sermon.  What’s impossible about it?  Have you ever tried to obey it?

March 19 “The Healer” (Matthew 8-9)  Is there a need for Jesus the Healer to come to our world today?  Let’s experience the power of His healing together!

March 26 “The Miracle Worker”  (Matthew 8-9) Healing is one thing, but miracles—where the laws of nature seem to bend—those are quite another.  Let’s learn the whys and wonders of the one who speak to the wind and waves, and they’d obey!

May Jesus walk with us through this time of transition!