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February 3 Who is My Neighbor? Luke 10:25-37

New Sermon Series 

From ‘So So’ to Sozo…  

Experiencing the Salvation, Healing, Deliverance and Wholeness Jesus Offers 

Jesus came into this world to offer a quality of life that is only found in Him! He called it abundant, eternal, full…it is life truly worth living!

Sometimes we find ourselves living life just ‘so so’…life that is    ho-hum, tolerable, undistinguished, neither very good but not very bad either. Jesus wants to break into our lives with ‘sozo’! Sozo (pronounced, ‘sotzo’) is the Greek word translated ‘to save or heal or deliver’ and has an idea of wholeness. Jesus is truly  interested in each of us as a complete person…to live a whole life in this fractured world.

We will explore stories of salvation, healing and wholeness Jesus offers to people…whether it was responding to Peter’s cry for help as he sunk beneath the waves after walking on the water; or  Zacchaeus, who encountered Jesus and repented and experienced salvation in his house; or the woman who thought she could be healed if she could just touch the fringe of His garment…and she was!

We all have areas where the ‘Sozo’ of Jesus can touch us and bring His life into our lives! Let’s gather in worship as we explore these great stories of our faith!

February 10   He Will Save Us!                         Matthew  1:18-25

February 17   Save Me!                                   Matthew 14:22-32

February 24   Salvation Has Come to This House     Luke 19:1-10

March 3         Touch the Fringe of His Garment       Luke 8:40-56