My husband and I attended the Morton Methodist Church for two years or so when they were meeting at the downtown Civic Building. When the church was finished we took the big step and were in one of the first groups to join in April 1952, which basically turned our lives around, and we have been sobl… Read more

Louise Wanner

Worship service leaves us feeling excited and passionate about our Christian walk. It's great to feel a sense of connection to the scripture and how it applies to our everyday lives.

Deb & Jim Rada

There are many wonderful things about Morton United Methodist Church but my favorite is the paper prayer chain the congregation has made, which hangs on the Common Room wall. The goal is to have it long enough to go around the inside of the common area. I often see the prayer chain and think of oth… Read more

Margaret Hooge

MUMC is like my home away from home. I feel love, support, acceptance and guidance whether it is in choir, Bible study, Sunday morning worship or through participation in congregational care. Since my retirement, my purpose going forward is to worship and serve and MUMC provides many opportunities… Read more

Mary Jane Davis

What I love about our Morton United Methodist Church is the diversity that is offered. We have three styles of worship and multiple programs that cover ALL age groups. Everyone is encouraged to experience programs that meet their needs and that will work into their daily spiritual walk.

Debbie Veltman

Morton Methodist church is my home away from home. I have deep roots here and it’s one thing I don’t mind boasting about because I am proud of our church and I feel the love of Christ within it’s walls and people.

Barb Howard

Raising our family here has been a lot of fun; to watch them be involved and be accepted by our church family at every stage has been a blessing!  It’s a good Bible-preaching church, not only on Sundays but with many opportunities for study and fellowship throughout the week.

Paul Uhlman

My dad (John Lindquist) grew up in the United Methodist church in Kansas and my mom (Elaine Lindquist) was raised Presbyterian in Colorado.  When they were transferred by Caterpillar to Peoria, they fell in love with the Morton United Methodist Church–their home away from home.  Many of the people … Read more

Lori Walters

My mom was First Christian Disciples of Christ and my dad was Presbyterian when they married and moved to Morton a year later. They weren’t Catholic or AC and we lived on Glen Street behind the old church …. so I became Methodist.  Haha!

Julie Mooberry

I came because I was invited; I stayed because I found what I was looking for!

Debbie Lane