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The Building Committee met on May  21, 2018.

As reported in April, the Construction Documents have been approved!  We will now work with our contractor, P.J. Hoerr, to select sub-contractors to handle installation of electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, etc.


At this time, planning continues on re-purposing some of our current building space, i.e. classrooms, library, etc.  When we move into our new education addition, we need to have determined the best use of the vacated space in our existing building —- we call this “re-purposing”.


To start breaking ground, we need to have combined cash and pledges of $3.4       million. As of May 16th, our church has a total of $2,398,207.16 in cash and assets (bills paid).  We believe the outstanding pledges (pledges yet to be received during 2018, 2019, and 2020) are sufficient to put us over the goal of $3.4 million, but we need everyone to respond to the letter you recently received to verify your pledge.


We are projecting:

¨ by the end of May to have the flood study submitted to the Federal Emergenc Management Agency (FEMA)

¨ by mid-late summer to break ground!

We have a Spiritual Support Team that has been in place from the start with their prayer support. And, in addition, we need the congregation’s continued prayer support for the Building Committee as we handle the many aspects of our church education addition. Lord, we pray for your divine guidance. Thank you!


Direct any questions you may have to one of the members of the Building Committee:  Steve Zimmerman (co-chair), Mike Tewksbury (co-chair), Kirk Schick, Jayne Benckendorf, Sam Churchill, Bob Lichti, Jan Sampson, Paul Uhlman, Maureen Lyons, Chuck Birchenough, Cathy Bowen, Dan Czubak, John Ackerman, Matt Milby, Tim

Beutel, Joe Crowe, Jason Potts, Dave Jones



Suggestions/Feedback for the Building Committee: “We need a play ground.”


Steve Zimmerman and Mike Tewksbury



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