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PHASE I UPDATEBuilding Committee Meeting 11/18/2019

Lord, amazing wonders you do bring about! Missions, worship, education of children, youth, and adults, and the expanded church building, all to your glory! What a joy to drive up to the front of the church and park on the new parking lot, walk under the protected drop off area and enter the expanded Commons (gathering) area with the soon to be, in operation, coffee bar … with donuts! Still, just a little work remaining.


What’s remaining to be done? Primarily summed up in three categories — Construction finishing touches; Soft Costs; and Repurposing! And, these are getting done at ‘breakneck’ speed!

Construction finishing touches are inside and outside.


Design of a semi-circle Welcome Desk is complete and now has to be constructed and installed.

Sign design has been selected. They need to be ordered and placed on the walls to identify and to show  direction to rooms, i.e. classrooms, restrooms, storm shelters. You might refer to these signs as, ”Wayfinding ”.


The tomb depicting Jesus’ burial place is under construction and site preparation for the tomb is in process. Retention pond aerators will be in operation before end of the year.

Soft Costs Chairs for the Confirmation rooms need to be unpacked and assembled. Tall tables for the coffee area should be received soon. A coffee transport/serving cart remains to be constructed.

Repurposing looks to be done by or shortly after the first of the year. Restroom doors now open  inward to comply with storm shelter requirements. As you enter through the front doors of the church, notice to the left that the wall enclosing the office area is complete, and staff office space is now available to be moved into! Work has started on converting the old storage area located to the rear of the Cross Connections Audio/Visual booth, into an office for the Senior Pastor. The former Youth Room will be transformed into a Library/meeting room with cabinetry, new paint and          carpet. The door to the Custodian’s office and window to youth minister’s former office have been eliminated (never knew they were there!) The former youth minister’s office has been reconfigured to a way of accessing the Custodian’s office/work area. This access area will house cabinets for Quilters, Knitters, and kitchen items storage.


As we mentioned in the last Footprints, this has been a challenge that we are counting on bearing good fruit in future days, months and years!

Please continue to pray for the committee members and our efforts to bring glory to God through this amazing project. For any questions, contact any of the following Building Committee members:  Steve Zimmerman (co-chair), Mike Tewksbury (co-chair), Kirk Schick, Jayne Benckendorf, Sam Churchill, Bob Lichti, Jan Sampson, Paul Uhlman, Maureen Lyons, Chuck Birchenough, Cathy    Bowen, Dan Czubak, John Ackerman, Matt Milby, Tim Beutel, Joe Crowe, Jason Potts, Dave Jones. They need your continued prayer support!

Mike and Steve