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The Building Committee met on April 16, 2018.



Construction Documents have been approved. The Design Team is

continuing to explore re-purposing ideas for our current space. Work

continues on the complexities of gaining approval from FEMA on the

floodplain compliance issue. Farnsworth Group has assigned an expert on such matters, Emily Jenkins, PE, PHD to complete the final steps in the

process. When approval is secured, the Village of Morton will be able to

issue the necessary permits for work to begin. No specific date has been

assured. As we all know the wheels of government grind exceedingly slow. We hoped to avoid a lengthy process and had laid the groundwork for

addressing it. We anticipated the possibility of a delay – just not one this long.

As Paul says in Philippians, “forgetting what is past and straining toward

what lies ahead, we press on towards the goal . . .”



Good news on the finance front. We are very close to meeting all the

requirements for cash on hand, pledges and borrowing power. Our goal

was to have a total of $3,400,000 in cash, assets (bills paid), and pledges

yet to be received during 2018, 2019, and 2020.  As of the end of March,

we have $2,349,466 in cash and assets, and we are very close to having $1,100,000 in pledges yet to be received.



We have met our goal of having Construction Documents completed. Our next step is to work with the contractor to define sub-contractors through a bidding process. As our contract states, the Building Committee has final

approval of all sub-contractors.


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