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The Design Team met on Thursday, August 16, to discuss the plans for the excess dirt that will be created when the retaining pond is built. They approved using the excess dirt to make a feature (hill) towards the northeast end of the parking lot.


The timeline remains the same Рwe will announce the groundbreaking as soon as possible after FEMA gives its approval. The last we heard was FEMA would have an answer by Friday, August 25. Once the village has that information, they will finalize their review and issue permits.  We will then break ground.  Stark and PJ Hoerr are both very anxious to start moving dirt as are we!

As always, your input is very valuable to the team! Please feel free to talk with any member of the Building Committee at any time. Steve Zimmerman (co-chair), Mike Tewksbury (co-chair), Kirk Schick, Jayne Benckendorf, Sam Churchill, Bob Lichti, Jan Sampson, Paul Uhlman, Maureen Lyons, Chuck Birchenough, Cathy Bowen, Dan Czubak, John Ackerman, Matt Milby, Tim Beutel, Joe Crowe, Jason Potts, Dave Jones.

Steve and Mike