We worship as an expression of our love for God!  Morton UMC offers a variety of worship experiences.  Currently, we offer three worship services on Sunday mornings–at 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary and Cross Connections  contemporary worship at 10:45 a.m. in the gymnasium. We offer a brief service with communion each Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., as well as special worship times throughout the year.


2017 ~ Matthew’s Account of Jesus

With March, we begin a short trip through the Gospel of Matthew that will take us through June.  Let’s get close and intimate with Jesus, as his disciple Matthew describes him for us.  In fact, why don’t we covenant to read the first Gospel over the next four months!

March 1 ASH WEDNESDAY! Tough Talk from John the Baptist (Matthew 3)  Let’s begin Lent together with communion and the imposition of ashes!

March 5 “The Ministry Begins” (Matthew 4) Let’s walk with Jesus into the wilderness where Jesus prepared for ministry through fasting and stood toe to toe with the enemy.

March 12 “The Impossible Sermon”  (Matthew 5-7)  Let’s listen as we hear Jesus preach the impossible sermon.  What’s impossible about it?  Have you ever tried to obey it?

March 19 “The Healer” (Matthew 8-9)  Is there a need for Jesus the Healer to come to our world today?  Let’s experience the power of His healing together!

March 26 “The Miracle Worker”  (Matthew 8-9) Healing is one thing, but miracles—where the laws of nature seem to bend—those are quite another.  Let’s learn the whys and wonders of the one who speak to the wind and waves, and they’d obey!


2017 ~ Matthew’s Account of Jesus

With March, we began a short trip through the Gospel of Matthew that will take us through June.

April 2     Training Camp (Matthew 10)  This was not a retreat.  It was more like ministry training.  Jesus called the Twelve together to send them out to minister.  Thank goodness that his instructions were recorded by Matthew, so we too could minister more       effectively.

April 9     PALM SUNDAY “The Victory Lap” (Matthew 21) We leap    forward in Matthew’s gospel to look at his account of Jesus’    triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Was it just for show, since he knew he would have to die?  Or was he anticipating the victory of Easter?  And what does it mean for us?

April 13   A MESSIANIC SEDER MEAL on Maundy Thursday!  Join us in the gym at 6:00 p.m. for a celebration of the Jewish Passover, written by Christian Jews.  We are planning a full meal and lots of seasonal music to go with the Passover liturgy.  And we promise to make it fun for whole family!  Reservations will be required.

April 14   GOOD FRIDAY The Seven Last Words of Christ.  Join us for an hour, beginning at noon, to remember the time of our Lord’s agony on the cross.

April 16   EASTER!  “The Conspiracy” (Matthew 28:1-15)  Why should it surprise us that the most important event in Christian history was immediately assailed as false by folks who knew better!  The Jewish leaders conspired to debunk the resurrection even before the resurrected Jesus had appeared to anyone!

April 23 “Opposition” (Matthew 12) Backing up a bit, we return to Matthew 12 to look at the beginnings of the opposition to Jesus.  Why were some against him? How did Jesus handle them?  And what does it mean for us?

April 30   “Story Time” (Matthew 13)  The disciples asked him, “Why do you speak in parables?”  Jesus spoke in parables, he said, to reveal secrets of the Kingdom to his followers (Matthew 13:11).  What secrets might we uncover this Sunday?